Target Ebola, Not Africans

Across the country, African immigrants are experiencing discrimination, harassment, and stigma related to the Ebola virus.

African Community Defense Project is shining a light on this problem, connecting Africans with resources to protect their rights, and countering fear and ignorance with information.

If you are an African immigrant who has experienced Ebola stigma, or a community member who is concerned with this problem, we want to hear from you.

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    ACT Director Talks Ebola Stigma on BBC-PRI The World

    ACT Director Amaha Kassa was interviewed on The World, a program of the BBC and Public Radio International, talking about African immigrants, Ebola stigma, and the African Community Defense Project.
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    Liberian Government Condemns Ebola Stigma

    The Liberian government issued a hard-hitting statement condemning blanket stigma against and exclusion of Liberian nationals who do not present any risk of Ebola infection. "These actions are...premised on the shaky assumption that one's "Liberian-ness" is a problem in and of itself. To treat every person who constitutes a part of the 4 million Liberian population as if he or she is an Ebola the height of unfairness and blanket stigmatization. In short and as it has been aptly put by some Liberians on social media, 'we are all affected, but we are not all infected.'"
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Photo: Members of Telem Center for the African Child at the African Day Parade via African Day Parade & Festival - NYC Facebook page.


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