ACT Director Talks Ebola Stigma on BBC-PRI The World

ACT Director Amaha Kassa was interviewed on The World, a program of the BBC and Public Radio International, talking about African immigrants, Ebola stigma, and the African Community Defense Project.

Liberian Government Condemns Ebola Stigma

The Liberian government issued a hard-hitting statement condemning blanket stigma against and exclusion of Liberian nationals who do not present any risk of Ebola infection.

"These actions are...premised on the shaky assumption that one's "Liberian-ness" is a problem in and of itself. To treat every person who constitutes a part of the 4 million Liberian population as if he or she is an Ebola the height of unfairness and blanket stigmatization. In short and as it has been aptly put by some Liberians on social media, 'we are all affected, but we are not all infected.'"

HuffPo: Africans Facing Stigma Now Have Somewhere to Turn

Huffington Post covered the launch of the African Defense Project, describing the widespread stigma against African immigrants connected to Ebola panic, the launch of our website and hotline, and concluding "African Immigrants facing Ebola stigma now have somewhere to turn."

Media Advisory- Ebola Stigma Defense Project Launches




Saturday, November 8, 2014- For Immediate Release



What:     Launch of new phone and web hotline for African immigrants experiencing harassment and discrimination due to Ebola stigma.


When:        Monday, November 10, 2014, 11 a.m- 1 p.m.


Where:    381 Canal Place, Bronx, NY   


Who:        African community members and religious leaders


Responding to Wave of “Ebola Stigma”, African Organization Launches Hotline, Website to Track and Respond to Cases



A Bronx-based nonprofit organization for African immigrants will launch a new website and hotline for African immigrants who have been targeted for harassment, discrimination, or bullying related to Ebola fears. “We know this is happening, because we hear it from our members,” said Amaha Kassa, Executive Director of African Communities Together. “But until now, there have been few resources for African immigrants who are experiencing it.”

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Portland Liberians Worry Over Families, Struggle With Stigma

The Portland Liberian community struggles with Ebola stigma close to home even as they are deeply concerned for the health of family members in Liberia.

Kentucky Teacher Quarantined After Kenya Trip, Resigns

A teacher in a Louisville, Kentucky Catholic school resigned after a parent panic over Ebola fears kept her from returning to work, despite Kenya being thousands of miles away from any Ebola outbreak. The article also mentions African students being subject to Ebola "jokes" from public school teachers.

ACT Director Talks Ebola Stigma on Africa Today Program

Amaha Kassa, Executive Director of African Communities Together, appeared on the Africa Today show with Walter Turner to discuss African immigrants, the African Community Defense Project, and why we should be targeting Ebola- not Africans.

Staten Island Africans Face Ebola Slurs, Lost Business

West African immigrants on Staten Island report that they have lost business due to Ebola fears, and that they encounter slurs and harassment on the street.

At Bronx Townhall, Stories of Ebola Stigma

At a Bronx townhall meeting about Ebola, Africans shared their experiences of being wrongfully targeted or harassed due to Ebola stigma. Civic leaders, including Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., condemned anti-African discrimination.

Liberians in Portland, OR Experience Ebola Stigma

Liberians in Portland, OR struggle with a double burden: fear for their families in Liberia, and Ebola stigma in the U.S.


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